Sunday, May 31, 2009

Special Screenings of July War

With Filmmaker Brandon Jourdan
New Nothing Cinema
16 Sherman Street
Between 6th street and 7th street, parallel to Folsom and Harrison, in the SOMA district of San Francisco.
Free To All, Donations Accepted.
Sunday, May 31
8 p.m.

Oakland: Tuesday, June 2
AK Press
674-A 23rd St. (Between MLK and San Pablo Ave.)
7 p.m.
415.255.6304 for information

About the Movie
July War takes a raw and unflinching look at the devastating first-hand effects of the 2006 Israeli military offensive in Lebanon. This powerful documentary examines the broader impact of the global war on terrorism, using the war in Lebanon as a specific case study, and questions whether it has actually curbed, or perhaps increased, Islamic militancy. It also reflects on the US and Iranian role in the war and the failures of current policy in the Middle East by Western governments and their allies.

The documentary covers many angles of this complex war and its devastating impact on Lebanon's people, economy, and environment, and allows for a broader public audience to access this complicated political situation. Simultaneously, this documentary carefully deconstructs Israel's pretext for starting the conflict, the failure of both sides to avoid civilian deaths, the United States' role in the conflict, the role of Hizbullah in Lebanese society and as a proxy for Iran and Syria, and the failure of the United Nations to implement a ceasefire. July War combines stock footage and interviews with academics, politicians, human rights' experts, military officials, and journalists with cinema verite footage of Lebanese civilians in areas hard hit by the 2006 war.