Thursday, August 17, 2006

Stuck in Damascus, Syria


So, me and Alex Khalil, my fixer/friend, loaded up tons of equipment for the Lebanese Red Cross and supplies for an independent media collective in Lebanon and headed to Damascus Thanks to Harry H., Vlad, and Times Up Emily for helping us.

Security was no problem and the flight went great. We had a layover in Paris, which was pretty nice. We left the airport and had breakfast in St. Michelle. We rushed back to the airport and headed to Damascus. Upon arrival in Damascus, we realized that we were missing 5 or our 6 pieces of luggage. This was bothersome, considering the value of the luggage. A wonderful friend gave us a nice place to sleep and a wonderful breakfast in Damascus.

Syria is very nice and the people have been very generous. Hezbollah are considered without any debate the winners of the fight between Israel and Hezbollah. Nasrallah is considered a national hero here. His picture is posted on the back of cars like some people have bumber stickers in the United States. Hezbollah are considered freedom fighters against Israel and the United States. The yellow Hezbollah flags hang are present throughout the city of Damascus. People are not big fans of the Israeli or US governments and lets be honest, why should they be. They do consider the government different from the people of both countries, which is refreshing. I have felt very welcomed and safe here. It has been quite enjoyable, despite the problems with Air France/Middle East Airways.

Hopefully, we will get our luggage today and cross into Lebanon tonight. I'll post updates when I can. You can also check out my website and

From Syria With Love,

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